after heuristics, i think my next kinkmeme fill is going to be Legion/FemShep. yes, that sounds fun.


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  1. vivisect said: yes pls
  2. theenkindler answered: ….I could totally get behind this.
  3. kikaimegami answered: dooooooo eeeeeeeeeeet
  4. partiallythere answered: Do it for science. Mordin is curious.
  5. elinadontcare answered: DO IT
  6. lizzystride-moved answered: awww yisss i love you so much you HAVE TO DO IT
  7. xoshonell answered: No, it would be awesome! :D
  8. hedexia answered: Do it. Do it for science.
  9. isangelous answered:
  10. deekawaiibutt answered: DO IT
  11. fontainefucksyou answered: WOW BEST IDEA I’VE HEARD ALL WEEK
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